You can do it alone, but why should you?

Introducing the new community platform

Ladies! We have something really special for you! Let us introduce…New, fresh and sparkling Planet Venus Community Platform!

You can call it a Social Network for Women Entrepreneurs, a Virtual Community, or anything you want. Regardless of the many ways we can describe it, we’re sure you will love it.

If you want to:

  • Find connections and build meaningful relationships
  • Share your insights, doubts, questions.
  • Introduce yourself, ask for feedback for your project
  • Brag about your business!
  • Get exclusive online events content
  • Get resources
  • Get only relevant content in your feed

Join and find the support and network you always needed and couldn’t find!

What makes our Community platform so unique?

Just like you, we love to use social media for business and networking (well, and for personal reasons..). But none of them were perfect for us. Many ads, irrelevant content, a pool of information we don’t even want to see. It makes it so difficult to find the right people to be seen.

Our Community platform allows you to narrow down your focus. It will give you access to connect with like minded women and individuals, and explore your professional interests and needs on a deeper level.

It allows a deeper exchange in ideas of various business and women related topics. A space where we will foster growth as a community and amplify what you have to say. No interruptions!

On our Community platform, you can organise your own discussion topics and take leadership of your own thoughts and ideas. You can share what interests you, but also what you need for your business!

Join us and Stay tuned

We’ve scheduled a special session on Zoom to introduce all of you to the Community platform!

If you want to join and find out more, join us on the 21st of July, 11am – 12:00pm via Zoom!

If you’re unable to join us – don’t hesitate to message us! Write us an email, send us a private message on our social media channels, whatever feels right! Our aim is to find the best solutions together, because we know that each of our women has her own unique needs.

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