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What is a Personal Brand and do we really need it?

A brief story of how I found my brand voice and my mission.

There is much fuss about the importance of having a powerful personal brand. Everyone is talking about being unique, showing your personality and finding your voice.

So what exactly is a Personal Brand and is it really so important for your business?

Let’s start from the beginning:

Everything we do, the way we express ourselves, the tone of our voices and how we interact with others has an impact on how the world perceives us. A personal brand shows our character, skills and passion. It quickly communicates who we are and it helps to connect with our ideal client. We show it on a regular daily basis, talking with our clients, writing emails, using Social Media. 

So if you haven’t thought about it before, trust me, you’re building your brand unconsciously – and that is the image that you send to the world. It might work for you, but imagine if you shape it a bit more it will resonate even stronger.


What are the key elements of building a personal brand?

Before starting shaping it, you need to answer some basic questions. You have to know why you are here, what is your goal, how you want to help your client, what values you can add to his life.  

Just start with these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I going to accomplish with my work?
  • What problems am I going to solve?
  • Who is my ideal client?

When you clarify your mission, ask yourself more questions, dig deeper and never stop. You need to understand what you want to accomplish, finding your niche will help you identify your uniqueness. Always be sure why people should follow you, why they should trust you. Be a leader and do it with passion. Be a changemaker, a visionary, let the passion attract people around you.

Figuring these out will allow you to construct your brand and mission statement. Your values, qualities and your uniqueness  should be  condensed into short two sentence phrases. It will quickly communicate why people should connect with you and why you’re the one they should trust.

It’s important to remember that the reason we connect and stay loyal to brands is because of their values and their stories. That’s why combining emotional, physical and logical elements should be your priority creating your mission statement.


Need some more follow up questions, check these out:

What are my values? How do I express my statement? Where my dream client hangs out? How do I share my vision? Where do I show my content? What is my tone? How do I speak with my client?  Why did I start building my brand? What do you do differently? 

Don’t skip it, write it down. Ask your friends and clients about feedback. That’s the only way of being intentional and shaping your personal brand.

Finally you want to shine in the sea of sameness, you want to fulfill not only your dreams but help others to change their life.

Remember that passion, skills and uniqueness are the core values. 

Your visual communication is as important as storytelling. Colours, fonts, design, illustrations or photos that you use should be coherent across all social media platforms and they should be well planned and consistent. Don’t use a specific colour because you like it, or because it’s trendy, there is a whole colour psychology to be discovered. 

Remember to own your style, and if you get lost on the way just ask for help. Building a visual story brand might be overwhelming at first, but with help of talented people that surround you you can build a powerful one. 


So what is my story and how did I find my mission statement?

“I am a Creative Storyteller, Rebellious Soul & Art Seeker.

I breathe art and besides helping others to see it in everyday life I also help brands and entrepreneurs  to express their brands’ story in an outstanding and honest way with unique visual content.

Creating powerful & unique stories through the art of photography & storytelling”

Julia Malinowska,Personal Brand Photographer in Barcelona.

I explored the world and different cultures by developing photos from my grandfather’s black and white negatives. He was a sailor so he had many breathtaking pics that he brought from his travels.

I remember I could spend hours in my basement where I had a photographic darkroom playing with light and witnessing the magic.

I was always dreaming big. 

Years later, I finished my Masters Degree in  Photography and Film production at the University of Art, where my professors taught me how to ask questions, how to play with symbols and to break reality and search for uncommon ways of expression. I learnt that the process of searching, experimenting and getting lost is the most valuable, that it is the essence of creating art.

I got my Polaroid camera and it took me places. I traveled around China, Mongolia, Russia, Indonesia, Romania taking photos of people that I met. I was taking one photo for them to keep and one for me. I will never forget this happiness and excitement that I saw in their eyes, they saw the same magic as I did when I started my photography journey. But they gave me more. They unfold the magic of the silence’s beauty, understanding without words and the joy found in the most simple moments: observing the Mongolian steppe, feeling the refreshing shade on my face, hearing the silence of the paused world.

They showed me how to live fully and how to observe. 

That was my first documentary project. 

That was the magic I wanted to live always, no matter what. My mission became to show it to the others, to share this incredible capacity of noticing the simplest moments and elevating their meaning. Finally life consists of those simple moments, and we need to slow down to see them.

Being a documentary and art photographer became my mission, my number one priority. It became my mantra, my oxygen, I don’t exist without it. 

I inspire and I get inspired by many creatives and by all the things life brings to me.

I’m happy with my big small achievements and I keep on dreaming and learning how to pass on the creativity. 

Dorota Walkarz, Designer Idea(l)Makers, by Personal Brand Photographer in Barcelona Julia Malinowska.


Stay with me for a while and be inspired to unfold your story and express your brand in an unforgettable way. Build a personal brand that matters, be a changemaker, fight for good and invite others to your unique world. Finally we all love stories.

Rosita Cordasco, Life Coach, Personal Brand Photos by Photographer Julia Malinowska, Barcelona.



Julia Malinowska

Brand and Product Photographer, Barcelona


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