Art Academy in Maastricht, was in the Dutch top 100 charts with her band, studied Theatre in Amsterdam, was a teacher in Art & Culture History at a highschool in Purmerend, a bike mechanic for transport bicycles in Amsterdam and painted for some years as a pupil of Geert Jan Jansen, a Dutch ex-masterforger where she specialized herself in Impressionism and Expressionism. After moving to Barcelona she took some classes from painter Bert van Zelm and had some exhibitions in Barcelona. At the moment she ́s inspired by the beautiful and emblematic city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean underwaterworld. She also teaches art to children, organises artworkshops and artistic coaching, has co-founded a collective of Dutch painters in Spain and is a mother of two.

Karlijn visualises her world, her feelings and her surroundings in a colourful and figurative way. Her goal is to make paintings where you won’t stop finding new images, compositions or meanings. She uses colours and different textures to distract you from the melancholy behind the story of the painting. Looking at them is like a gift unpacking, a game to play, where you decide what you want to see. Over and over again.

Looking at a painting is like reading a book. Instead of visualizing the book in your head, you imagine your story around the picture. Depending on the level of imaginary freedom you receive from the artist or author, you can train your empathy, your common sense, your cultural wisdom and reflection.