We dreamed of changing the world.
We imagined a thousand solutions to end injustices.
We believed that if we all did a little bit of our part, things could be different.
They called us utopians for thinking like that.
And we stop contradicting them.
Yes we are.
We believed in a utopia, and we did our bit to make it come true.
Because we believe that the only thing we need to achieve this is to adopt a different attitude towards ordinary things.
Act in coherence with what we think.
And smile a little more.
That’s why we created a clothing brand that doesn’t make fashion superfluous.
A clothing brand that, beyond filling your wardrobe, also fills your soul.
And that when you buy it, you not only consume energy from the planet, but you give it back.

Because we know that you don’t need another shirt, but the world can take advantage of you having one.