Barcelona-based ceramic artist Nonna Melikyan has long been in love with art, but only recently confessed this love to ceramics. She grew up in a family of artists and sculptors on one side, and engineers on the other. However, she always knew that she leaned more towards the creative side. 

After graduating from university as a linguist and cross-cultural communicator, little did she know that ceramics would be her silent communicator. Yes, it’s possible to talk to clay while working on it, she confirms. 

Nonna makes ceramics using hand-building techniques. Her love for clouds is perfectly illustrated in her ceramic pieces…soft colors, light textures, minimalist style…She especially enjoys the fact that every single piece comes out unique and different in her hands. As she says, her pieces are like clouds, they may be similar but they are not. 

Nonna notes that her relationship with the clay is successful because of her patience. She finds peace in the working process which seems like meditation to her.

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