Myriam Ben Farhat is a tunisian artist based in Barcelona since 2017.

Her art touches on subjects relating to gender, feminism and the social codes established by patriarchal society. Her practice is a reflection on the role of education in shaping the Woman into a fairy tale “Cinderella”, and how society influences and dictates her role and identity. Due to her training as a lawyer, her art stands out as a social defender of women’s rights.

Through her sculptures and installations, she plays with the non-duality and the uniqueness of each object by mixing the elements of what is supposed to be feminine with what is supposed to be masculine, fragility and strength, sensuality and violence, glitter and crude …

Destroy, recycle to Reconstruct a Woman who has the choice in relation to her body, the choice in relation to her professional life, the choice in relation to her abilities, the choice in relation to motherhood … Having the choice without the weight of judgment… To have the choice without limitations… And Anything can be possible.