After changing my life in 2007 by moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona, I´ve never expected it to turn out like this: to be an entrepreneur doing everything that has to do with my mission: to bring Art closer to Everyone. Back then I was working for an ex-masterforger in art and I painted ´in the style of…´ Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Klimt, etc.  After being 2 years in Barcelona I decided to offer ´a day in the life of Picasso´ where people learned about Barcelona, about Picasso and where they received a 2 hour workshop ´Painting Like Picasso´. I found out that I could easily inspire people to paint again and find their inner artist through the maestro himself.

Getting to know this inspiring city, I tried to capture it in one painting. By painting it, I learned that there were so many interesting places througout the whole city, that I felt it was impossible to paint it on one canvas only, so I decided to start painting every district on a canvas. 

In 2015 I started to paint ´underwater´ paintings, as I felt kind of ´underwater´ during the separation with the father of my 2 young children. Very emotional, colourful, peaceful and sometimes threatening paintings. I couldn´t breathe. So I painted..

In the beginning of 2020 I had an Art School for kids, I organized ´Painting like Picasso´ workshops through Airbnb Experiences and I did interactive short lessons about ´how to find your inner artist´. Then everything changed in March 2020…

In April 2020 I finally finished my 10th and last canvas of the Barcelona districts and then I had to reinvent myself again, having lost the art school, and the Airbnb-Experiences. After the first lockdown I started a beautiful collaboration ´Sol Azul´ with Aseel Massoud, a Music Therapist and Opera Singer. We love to help everyone express their emotions through Music and Art in our workshops.

Also I started together with Aining Mi an online webshop where I sell merchandise designed with the paintings I´ve made throughout the years. Like that everyone can enjoy my dreamy Underwater Collection. Mission in motion: to Bring Art Closer To Everyone!