Delicada Margarita

Hello! I’m Margarita, creator of the Barcelona fashion jewellery brand “Delicada Margarita”.

My history with design and fashion begins since I was little. I always liked to draw and dreamed of being a designer. Life took me through other professional paths, but the desire to create was always latent until I decided to let my emotions and my dreams guide me. I began to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets… in an informal way.

I trained in fashion and jewellery design while working in HR and the brand “Delicada Margarita” began to come to life little by little. 
I created a blog with my creations to make myself known, I immersed myself in social networks and, currently, I sell anywhere in the world through my online store, and I also collaborate with other brands and physical stores.

Since the beginning, in 2013, the pieces have evolved, becoming more and more delicate and having a common essence: nature and romanticism.
I enjoy the design process of each collection, thinking of a concept and developing the idea from scratch until the piece comes to life.
My inspiration is nature: flowers, the sea, a green field, a smell of wet earth and sea breeze… moments in which we are happy and want time to stop, those moments are the ones I transform into delicate pieces modelled entirely by hand and decorated with the technique of découpage, which consists of decorating the base with paper images fixed with a varnish, the result is similar to a piece painted with a brush.

Minerals are also present to give a touch of light in necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, as well as aluminium wire, which allows me to give free rein to my imagination and develop original proposals.

Delicada Margarita is aimed at romantic women who love simplicity, who want to give a special touch to their look, who are dreamers and like everything handmade and with care.