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Whenever I hear: “I’m not fit enough to join outdoor classes!”, or “I’m too weak to go to the gym!” or “Let me first get in shape and then I’ll join your fitness group!”I know I’m doing the right thing! These types of comments are the reason I do what I do! They are the reason I started my own business with the mission to change the way we (especially women)  feel about sports and eventually, how we feel about ourselves!

Since I have been a student, I have worked at a Gym! While my classmates went to bars and had student parties, I pushed the cycling paddle and lifted weights at my fitness classes. Many weekends were spent at extra workshops to gain another fitness certificate instead of hanging out with friends!

I loved teaching fitness & dance classes at the gym. Ever since I can remember I have been doing some kind of sports or dancing activity and it never had anything to do with an aesthetic goal! It has always been about spending time for myself, keeping my body fit and strong. It helped me with my mental state, helped me to snap out of my day or blow off some steam when I needed it and taught me that I could achieve anything I wanted! Working out helped me to feel powerful and unstoppable! Sharing that feeling with my clients and seeing the difference in their energy & mood when they left my classes felt sooo damn good.

When I came to Barcelona nine years ago, I first worked a corporate job in IT. I soon felt that something was missing and so I started to set up an after-work fitness group to spend some time with my colleagues away from the desk and help them to stay fit!

Surprisingly, I managed to motivate many colleagues to join my classes who never felt strong enough, fit enough or confident enough to subscribe at a gym. They would feel looked at or judged, or felt the atmosphere in the gym was isolated and anti-social since people wouldn’t talk to each other!

Whereas with me, they felt motivated to join the workouts since they all shared the struggle, progress and victories and felt like they were in this together! They told me they loved the energy kick & positive feeling they got from the workouts and were actually looking forward to the weekly classes & connection drinks.

It was then when I realized that I had created something powerful! I had helped many of my colleagues to think DIFFERENT ABOUT FITNESS! 

Instead of thinking I CAN’T DO IT, they figured they COULD! 

Instead of thinking I NEED to workout because I need to stay in shape, they thought I WANT TO workout because it makes me feel GREAT. 

Instead of feeling alone, they felt PART OF SOMETHING!

When I understood that I could make this difference in people’s lives by doing what I loved, I thought: This is what I need to do! This is my calling! And it’s my dream job anyways, so why not doing this full time!?

And so I created BodyWorxHub! My own Social High Vibe Workout Crew!

Doing what I love most for almost 2 years, combining mood boosting workouts with social events to bring people together, feels incredible! This combination is fun, it’s empowering and is what’s helping to incorporate fitness into one’s lifestyle and just feels SO GOOD!

Together with Planet Venus, I would love to bring Women together to connect with themselves and others, and show you how powerful this combination can feel!

If you can relate and you are curious, I would love you to join our First Fitness & Connection Brunch on Sunday, June 27th at 10am at the Gallery Hotel Rooftop where we will have a Fitness Session followed by a delicious brunch to connect with each other.

Let’s be unstoppable!

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