The new work-life balance

We’re all currently stepping into a new normal. A new normal for walking in the streets, a new normal for doing groceries, a new normal for interpersonal interactions, and especially, a new normal for working!

Right now, we as business leaders have the unique opportunity to shape our own lives and the lives of our colleagues and employees.


In one way or another we were forced to face our inner pains since the beginning of this pandemic. Many of which were connected to the way we have lived our lives until now. We are now beginning to understand that the nine to five workday, five days a week is not ideal, it’s mentally and physically exhausting. Others, especially entrepreneurs starting a business at the moment, reached their limits with the 24×7 work style. It just doesn’t seem to produce the same results as before, in fact, it’s more draining.

Everyone is different, but also everything is different. Our reality has shifted and the work-life balance as well. So let’s assess!

  • What isn’t working anymore? Scratch it from your daily routine!
  • What is still working, but isn’t making you happy at all? Adjust it!
  • Which new things can you start doing to ensure your physical and mental health? Add them to your daily routine!

Make a list of all these things and update it during the transitional period. We can’t know the answers immediately, but let’s start the journey of discovery!

Shaping the future as a female entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means big responsibilities, but also a lot of flexibility! If you fall under this category, then it’s time to reevaluate some practices. As entrepreneurial leaders we have to be mindful with ourselves and the ones who work for us.

Since many businesses have endured setbacks, it is only normal to try to get back on track. However, remain mindful of the way you spend your energy! Our minds tend to catch up slower than reality,if you enter the new normality with a ‘bang’ it might cause a boomerang effect. Time management, knowing when to stop and say no, and sleep are now more important than ever!

Shaping the future as a female intrapreneur

Female leaders of big companies and corporations might experience more difficulties than entrepreneurs in this period. Not all organizations have found a way to provide their employees and management safe ways (mentally and physically) to return back to a work routine. Many expect their employees to go back to “business-as-usual”. Unfortunately, that is not possible so quickly and abruptly. We’re all in this together,we have to try our best shaping the new work-life balance damaging our health as little as possible. This crisis has shown us that we are all responsible for each other. In this case it is a respiratory disease, but the other mental and physical issues should be considered the same.

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