Sustainability as a part of your business

A while ago big corporations used to get away with anything. Mass media was a great tool to paint a perfect image, and as long as it was an established corporate name, very little could ruin their reputation. With the rise of social media, millennials and Gen Zers are steering the wheel of change when it comes to sustainability. It’s time everybody gets on board! These consumers are increasingly holding companies accountable for their actions and demanding more transparency.

Our community at Planet Venus is mostly made up of women who are leaders of their own businesses or at the companies they work for. We believe that as innovators, it is our responsibility to learn how to become (more) sustainable.


Generally speaking, greenwashing is creating a false impression that your business is more environmentally friendly than it truly is. As aforementioned, this is increasingly difficult for companies to uphold due to the way media has changed. Needless to say, it should not be a practice among businesses at all!

On the road to sustainability

Nobody’s born knowing everything. We live and we learn; and the same goes for building a business. Especially a sustainable one!

Being open to learning new ideas and implementing them along the way should become a priority to all of us. Now more than ever, having experienced the crisis of the pandemic, we have had to adapt from offline to online. Which for many businesses meant using different resources than before. Businesses can take this time to evaluate what is truly necessary for the prosperity of the brand, and what can be left in the past. This reevaluation can shape our futures in becoming more responsible towards our environment

Another point for improvement is not being afraid of criticism from stakeholders. While we’re building and developing our businesses, anyone can make a mistake. Clients giving negative feedback to brands and companies shouldn’t be feared but rather seen as a learning opportunity. We should be open to having deeper discussions. In the end, brands are like people. They’re not flawless. What’s important is that businesses make sure to follow up on feedback and criticism, learn from their mistakes and improve!

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