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All women nowadays need a personal free and safe space for emotional expression and a total disconnection from the accelerated rhythm of daily life between work, home, obligations and responsibilities
Sol Azul facilitates an opportunity for emotional, social and mental health, experimenting with our inside artist and trying creative new ways to express our feelings in an out of the box artistic workshop, aiming for a better wellbeing.

Who is this event for?
Women of all ages who want to take good care of themselves.

4 important learnings you will get as a student:
Emotional expression, creative self experience, teamwork skills, artistic communication.

Event content and structure:
Measure of presession emotional state, salutation, divide groups, art and music activity, exchange groups, conversation cycle, relaxation gift, colssure, measure of postsession emotional state.

Dynamic of the course:
The participants will be divided into two groups, Art and Music, and they will interact expressively and then change groups again. Everyone will play colours and paint music (not the usual coloring and playing methods).

Date and time
Thursday 15/04/2021 – 19:00-20:00h

Location will be sent by PDF to the attendees.

23€ pp. (max 10 persons).

English and/or Spanish depending on the attendees.

What do you need for this class?

All the material will be organised by Sol Azul and is included in the price. Every participant will be asked to bring a pad (colchoneta) or a towel to use on the ground at the end of the session.

About the team Sol Azul:

Aseel Massoud: Medical doctor – Music therapist – Professional singer

Karlijn Surminski: Painter – Art Teacher – Artistic coach

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