Launch your products and sell them online in your e-shop in just 8 weeks

Launch your products and sell them online

Learn how to build an e-commerce website from 0 to launch. In this 8 week program you will learn the foundations to sell product/services, how to test your e-commerce, all the steps before launching, build it with WordPress or Shopify, connect to payments, launch and sell in your e-commerce, and have a strategy for a profitable online shop. 

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to do this course, and you will have plenty of ‘how-to’ guides and solutions for different skills levels.

Who this course is for: 

  • Freelancers, entrepreneurs who want to sell their products/services online but don’t have 2000€+ to invest in developing your own shop and they are willing to learn how to do it themselves. 
  • You don’t have an idea yet (we have a chapter where to find products that sell) and you want to learn how to build e-commerce and how to sell your products/services. 
  • You already have an e-shop, but you don’t know why you don’t sell much, or you are just starting.

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Product description

Course Content 

Module 1: Foundations 

You will learn where to start and how, the minimal cost and how to keep it simple. You will also learn the customer experience journey and why it’s essential. 

Module 2: Test your idea 

You will learn where to find products to sell if you want to sell physical products, and how to test your idea in the market. 

How to do online forms, surveys, and how to start with email marketing. 

Module 3: Preparing 

In this module, you will learn what you need to prepare before launching your products/service and how to do that, preparing product/service descriptions and pictures. 

Module 4: Pre-launch 

You will learn what you need to test and how before you are going live with your e-commerce. You will create a pre-launch campaign for social media and all their requirements, as legal docs, you need before going publish. 

Module 5: Launch your e-commerce 

After all the hard work, you are ready to launch and make your e-commerce publish. We will talk about marketing strategies and what we can do to keep our shop going for a profitable e-commerce. 

Module 6: Customer service and experience 

You will review your customer experience journey, make sure it will fit your website and product/service and learn strategies to have a profitable and sustainable e-commerce. Also, you will learn how to deal with customer complains. 

What this course doesn’t include: 

  • Hosting and domain services or e-commerce platforms as Shopify
  • Subscription to pay plugins or extras for your website 
  • Legal documents required for your website

Dates and structure: 

8 weeks course – the course will run from 8th February to 11th Abril 2021 All the modules will have between 6 to 10 video lessons with workbooks for activities and progress of your e-commerce, and we will have 1-2 hours of live calls per week. 

We will have one week between Module 3 and 4 for implementation and one week after Module 6 for review, check and make sure you are ready to launch your e-commerce. 

Weeks and modules in details: 

  • 8th – 14th February – Module 1 
  • 15th – 28th February – Module 2 
  • 22th – 28th February – Module 3 
  • 1ft – 7th March – Implementation week 
  • 8th – 14th March – Module 4 
  • 15th – 21st March – Module 5 
  • 22nd – 28th March – Module 6 
  • 29th March – 5th Abril Easter Holidays Break 
  • 6th – 11th Abril – Final week – review