Björk - Utopia | Vinyl Album

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1.Arisen My Senses

2.Blissing Me

3.The Gate

4.Body memory





4.Sue Me

5.Tabula rasa



8.Features Creatures

9.Future Forever

The Icelandic megastar Björk has been an active musician since she was a child. Her first album came out when she was 11 years old and she has been a very productive artist ever since. Earlier in her career, she was in bands like Tappi Tíkarass, Kukl, and The Sugarcubes but in 1992 she went solo and the rest is history.

She has released 9 studio albums, Utopia (2017) being the latest one.

Björk is known for pushing musical boundaries, going deeper into musicology with every record as well as reinventing her looks with futuristic costumes.

Utopia has a total of 14 songs in which the singer produced herself and with the Venezuelan producer DJ Arca. The album received critical acclaim from music critics for its production, songwriting, and Björk’s vocals, and later received a nomination for Best Alternative Music Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Vinyl album – 2017 || 2 LPs – Gatefold cover

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