Planet Venus Women: Roser Mendez

Meet Roser Mendez! Check out her interview below if you would like to understand the importance of interculturally sensitive communication in business. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself … who are you?

I am Roser Mendez. I am a PR and communication advisor, I am a Sake ambassador and the founder of Komorebi Solutions.

I am from Barcelona where I studied communication and PR, and also had the opportunity to put into practice this knowledge in the different companies I worked in. I also have a Masters degree in Japanese studies.

I’ve lived in different countries such as New Zealand, Monaco, Japan and France. To deepen my knowledge of the Japanese culture, I went to study and work in a Sake brewery in the countryside of Japan. There I realized how much I want to forward its understanding and enjoyment in Europe. So in 2018 I decided to start my own company – Komorebi Solutions, where I can implement all the experience and skills which I had been developing for the past 15-20 years. That is connecting the Japanese and European cultures, and promoting the understanding and enjoyment of Sake.

Describe yourself with 3 words

Honest, open-minded, catalyst.

What do you do?

I help entrepreneurs create unforgettable memories for their clients through Sake. Sake is a sophisticated, elegant beverage with more delicate aroma and flavours than wine.

Imagine you’re at an event, which you have organized with your clients, and you stop in front of one of the drinking tables with one of the guests and you see bottles of Sake.

Colourful, Japanese characters on them, like art… and you are served Sake in a wine glass – transparent and big. You look at each other with surprise and are a tiny bit reluctant. You both bring the Sake to your mouth, you taste it and suddenly you discover a whole universe of flavours and aromas … and you connect, share and create that unforgettable moment together.

That’s what we do – create that moment, so that entrepreneurs will have positive feedback from their clients. For me that’s so rewarding, when my clients say ‘thank you’ because they were able to reach their goals. That you were able to create for them a simple yet such a sensorial experience – something that people can hear, touch and taste.

Sometimes the problem is that people believe communication activities can be done the same way with everyone. But that is not always the case, we don’t need to forget who we are and our roots. On the contrary – we can share it and learn from others. We should promote this understanding because –

I truly believe in connecting people through cultures. And I think communication is the tool to do that.

The comprehension of these divergences – we need to understand each other and be more open-minded.

As I said before, let’s plan and manage the communications and PR activities and make them part of your strategy. Let’s make your goals real and generate a change. It’s about committing and envisioning together, and then finding ways to combine these elements so entrepreneurs can launch powerful plans!

What have your struggle(s) as an entrepreneur been?

The whole path is a struggle. An exciting one, but a daily one!

For me the most shocking one was that I needed to forget what I knew about business and start walking all over again. It’s hard, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible – you just need to adapt and share with other people both your struggles and successes. And it’s so rich when you can share and empathize with others.

How have you been dealing with the pandemic?

With a smile! Of course my business has been affected by being in the event and culture industry. But hey! I’m okay and I’m alive, so that’s a lot. I cannot imagine losing the ones you love in these circumstances. I’m lucky because that’s what’s really important. We need to take care of our elders and other risk groups to give them the best support we can.

When it comes to business, I know I will get up again. I will keep fighting even though it will be more difficult than we thought since we need to start from zero. But that’s the environment we have now, let’s at least try to shift perspectives.

How do you feel about the Planet Venus community?

I am honored to be part of this community! To be able to have a space where we can share, connect and support each other is incredible.

There’s so much positive energy after each event you organize and I feel much better. We are all able to share this positive energy. It’s simply very rich to be part of the project. I am looking forward to seeing how this will grow!

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