Planet Venus Women: Nadine March (career coach at Planet Venus).

Tell us about yourself… Who are you?

My name is Nadine March, I come from Barcelona and I live in Palafrugell, a coastal fisher’s town. I am mum from a two year’s old warrior little women and a career vocational counsellor.

Due to my German origins I graduated in translation, but after a few years working in multinationals, I had a volunteer experience that made me discover my vocation.

Since then I have studied and worked in different projects that contribute to the guidance and improvement of the employability of people. The death of my mum, when I was 18 years, after more than eight years of illness and vegetative state, made me realise that we all have our stories and we are free to choose those beliefs that gives meaning to our life story.


When we first met you told us that you use astrology and oracle messages in creative ways to learn more about yourself and discover the meaning of your life. Could you tell us more about it? How does it work? How do you interpret the results?

My love of oracles dates back a few years, I started with one and now I have a full shelf. When I have a deck of cards in my hands and I am about to connect with myself to choose one, I feel like a kid with her new toy. I am fascinated by the causality of the messages that appear and it is an excellent tool to have a talk and think about the interpretation that we give it based on the reality we experience. When I use them with others, the person can choose a card or several, the ones that call her the most and according to the conversation held. I have shared them in women’s circles and it is wonderful to use them to generate a bond of exchange based on trust and the depths of our emotions.

I began to train in psychological astrology in cosmogram three years ago and since then there is not a day that I observe the current position of the planets, the transits, my natal chart or that of someone close to me. I have found in it one more way to understand and give meaning to my daily life story. To interpret an astral chart, you need the day, date and place of birth and with this you obtain the natal map that allows you to analyse the position by sign and house of the planets, and add the aspects, that means, the dialogues that have the planets to each other.

We are supper happy to announce that once per month Nadine will share with the community some tips and her knowledge about career coaching, but Nadine, can you explain to our readers your role from now on in Planet Venus?

It is a pleasure to be part of this community and contribute with a monthly publication. I hope I can contribute to the women of the community with tools to help them build their careers.

I would like to find the support that many of use need by listening, understanding and sharing resources. You can find more about my career, interests and the content I publish on my Linkedin profile.


Nadine is the new Planet Venus ambassador, she will share with the community all her knowledge as a career coach to help you in your professional journey.

 Do you want to access to our daily conversations, connect with other business and entrepreneur women and create new alliances? Then join our platform, we are waiting for you.



20 january at 7 PM – Designing Your Career Path: Where are you now.
Free webinar. Join our platform to access the event.

In this webinar, Nadine will introduce the concept of design thinking, work together to recognise where we are right now, find problemas and reframe dysfunctional beliefs, with an emphasis on the narratives particular to the women in the room, and dig into design tools to increase our own creativity and confidence.

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