Planet Venus Women: Inma Gil

Tell us about yourself… Who are you?

My name is Inma Gil, and I am country woman. From a small town in Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands. I carry the culture of my village in my veins, in which everyone knows each other and there is always a helping hand for those who may need it.

With the passage of time I have realized that my working life is very marked by that culture. I spent about 10 years in the corporate world, working in a fairly large and influential company whose sector was very affected by the crisis of 2008.

And from that crisis, from that re-movement that I suffered myself, the idea arose to create a company together with a partner and to create our own job opportunity. For a long time, freelancers and collaborators kept asking me to help them with their business issues and I loved doing it, I really enjoyed it.

Until I decided to create a business and start monetizing that help which was initially totally altruistic and has now become my true passion.

Describe yourself with 3 words

Sensitive, committed, empathetic

What is your background? What have you done in your past?

I started working at the previous company when I was still in college, studying Public Works Engineering. I started as an administrative assistant, and little by little, I was promoted in the company, at the same time that I was losing interest in engineering and gaining interest in business administration and management.

I started to train and get so involved in the company that I ended up managing a company’s affiliate group until the crisis made me take another path. And that path was to create my first company, an air conditioning installation company, which has been in operating for the last 10 years. 2 years ago, I created my second company, dedicated to mentoring and consulting entrepreneurs and small businesses, specializing in Business Strategy.

What do you do? Do you have a portfolio to show us your work?

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses to design a business strategy that allows them to make money, without suffering along the way, creating a sustainable business over time, with a very solid foundation. I do this through consulting, long-term mentoring, and organizing and leading mastermind groups.

On my website: you can see the testimonials of clients who are not subject to confidentiality.

You can also find my work here:


Which project have you enjoyed the most? Why?

Well, the truth is that I wouldn’t know which one to choose. Every client and every business is different, and in the end, I fall a little bit in love with every business I am involved in. They are all a little bit mine too.

Perhaps, to name one, I could say the UNIR project (the Logroño Internet University) that has launched a project of Entrepreneurship Nurseries, and I have been part of it as a mentor. From the beginning, it has been a project that I have liked very much, since entrepreneurs always complain that nobody teaches them how to undertake. Well, this project is precisely for that, to teach entrepreneurship.

What do you aspire to do?

My mission with Kruce de Caminos is to increase the number of women entrepreneurs who enjoy their business and live well and with peace of mind from their dreams.

What have your biggest struggles been as an entrepreneur so far?

One of my biggest struggles has been digital marketing. All my previous experience has been with face-to-face companies. Social networks and content creation has cost me a lot.

“It’s never going to be the perfect moment. Do it now. But control the risks. Throw yourself into the pool, but make sure there is water inside.”

Do you have any tips for other women entrepreneur?

My biggest advice is do not to compare yourself to anyone. Every person is unique, every business is unique. There are too many times when we, entrepreneurs, postpone making important decisions waiting to be better prepared, to have everything perfect and to look at what the competitors are doing.

It’s never going to be the perfect moment. Do it now. But control the risks. Throw yourself into the pool, but make sure there is water inside.

How do you feel about the Planet Venus community?

I’m a groupie, so I also organize mastermind. The energy that flows between the members of a group, the synergies, the supports, ….. is wonderful. Cooperation without competition.

And that’s why I like Planet Venus so much!

Join Inma’s masterclass next 17th November 19.00h – 7 keys to adapt your business to the changes of the market.

Inma will be giving a practical masterclass in which the main objective is that you take a vision of the current situation and how it affects the market and consumer habits. Inma will offer you tools to define a strategy that will help you adapt your business to the changes in the market and take advantage of the new opportunities that arise.

Remember: The best opportunities arise during times of change and crisis!

*Join Planet Venus to access this masterclass

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