Planet Venus Women: Deborah V. Oziel

Who are you?

I am Deborah, today I am 46. I came from Andorra, a little mountain country between France and Spain. My background is really multicultural. Part of family roots are in Morocco, the other part are Jewish. Thus even though in Andorra you live in a small community I am culturally rich. I was raised as a tolerant and empathetic person, being able to understand that we are all different and the same at once. And more, I have had a possibility to speak different languages since my younger days! Today I fluently speak 7 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Hebrew. I understand Portuguese and ….

I come from a very traditional and very feminine family, I grew up surrounded by strong, strict, traditional women. My grandmother had 8 daughters and they all lived so close to each other, I could say that we lived all together, we are still very close. I, myself, have two daughters! Obviously I follow the family path even if I’ve tried to break it marrying a Dutch man!

You always spread optimism all around you. Where does your positive attitude come from?

Well, to be honest I grew up very superstitious. Since I was little, I was looking for the signs. I always follow them. If the signs do not appear to me I do not take a risk. This is my belief, and it helps me to stay optimistic, because I am sure that even if it is hard at the moment, I’ve made the right choice. Life is already difficult enough, I’d rather stay positive.

For example, COVID-19 crisis came as a Tsunami to all of us, like every other person I was scared and worried about my business, but the second week I realized that this is a gift, I can stay with my family and dedicate all my attention to them. This is a treasure!

Can you tell us your story before you became an entrepreneur?

My professional background is completely different, I had nothing to do with the business world at all. I used to be a social worker at the Hospital in Andorra. My passion was to help people, to help everyone. Later, together with my husband we decided to move to Barcelona. I promised to help him with his business, I believed, for three months… But when I started, it was immediately clear that this is my business, this is my place. I love our Coworking, I care about each member of our community, I still feel that I am helping everyone and follow my dream.

So how does it feel to be an entrepreneur?

It’s exciting! Even though I started by accident. All of the sudden everything has changed 180°. Taxes, finances and more was a different world to me. I remember, the first time when the accountant sent me the company’s balance sheets I had to google what it is all about. Step by step, searching for answers, looking for information I’ve learnt my way.

To enter the business world I invested a lot of time. First year I attended all the events possible and it worked! I met many people, my network was extended, and it is growing everyday. It is important to build strong relationships, not only exchange business cards, this is what should be networking.

Were you scared to become an entrepreneur?

I’m still scared every day. But if I could go back, I would choose the same path all over again. Even though I can always go back to my previous career – I wouldn’t do it. I love freedom. You have to understand that freedom comes with a lot of responsibility though. You have to take care of your business, employees, clients…everyone relies on you. But the freedom pays off.

Now tell us, what inspired you to start Planet Venus?

One day outside the coworking I was having coffee with two friends of mine, Yolanda and Stefanie. We started to speak about how great it would be to help women, to help them build their business and follow their dreams. Eventually coffee evolved into vermouth and a little chit chat became the idea and now this idea is growing and growing.

The aim of Planet Venus was to always enable women to have it all – all they want, be whoever they want to be, live however they want to live. I want to be a perfect mother, perfect wife and run my business. Maybe you want to do something absolutely different! And Planet Venus will be here to help and support you.

Why Planet Venus?

We were looking at the sky wishing women to reach the galaxies, to build one by our own. We decided to start from our Planet, Planet Venus.

What do you see for yourself and Planet Venus in the future?

I would like to have a space full of women who want to make a difference. Where they can learn, share, meet, work, and so much more. Many of us have been lucky and privileged to attend university or learn somehow, but not everyone has had that opportunity.

Even just for myself, in the beginning I needed help with so many things, to write a business plan seemed that easy as climbing Everest. I learned by doing, I learned from my own mistakes. How many nights were spent frustrated trying to figure things out by myself. I want the others to avoid it, to solve all their struggles, to be able to look up to their mentors and learn from them.

So instead of spending all free time searching for answers which could be easily given women can spend it with their loved ones, with their families. We don’t have to choose between professional and personal life, we can have it all. That’s why I’m building this platform.

We are women and we can be whoever we want to be!

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