Planet Venus Women: Daniela De Amici

Who are you?

I am a philosopher. That is and has been my main passion, what I studied during 5 years at University in Milan and what I apply to my everyday life. Passion for philosophy means passion for the structure of what people do and the problems they face while growing and stumbling upon their lives.

I am Italo-Argentininan, I did start working very young as a shop assistant, then as a waitress and then became a commercial translator in an expanding company and was promoted a coordinator. 

When informatics completely changed the translation game, I was lucky enough to have a client that proposed to jump into a new adventure. I stopped working, brushed up my law skills (1 year Uni) to, during 4 months, studied for the new position, becoming a branch manager of a small Italian-Argentinian consulting company in Milan. 

Working and studying gave me insight on the two worlds, practical and theoretical one. I came to deeply understand the challenges of  small  businesses; so often one does not count on the long term, strategically; this could mean success or not; this is made of a set of pieces, some so small it’s hard to even notice them! 

Describe yourself with 3 words

Passionate – Reliable – Creative

What do you do?

I have been an independent business advisor since 7 years now. My clients are  real estate investors, who decided to buy commercial properties (mainly in Buenos Aires, a dazzling place to make business), in this case I am the mediator between the tenant- a business- and the landlord:

I help businesses to negotiate the rent and thrive. I also work with shops or services companies (mainly in Milan, home during 19 years and Scotland, where I lived during 6 intense years) that are facing these incredible times we all are in. 

With my husband, last year we moved to Barcelona in order to achieve our dreams: I now want to move to the toys-games-gamification industry. Gamification (creating playful routines and games for adults, in order to make them interact and communicate better) is such a great tool!

Since I started this work, and specially since I was at the Edinburgh college (certificate in counselling) I am fascinated by how powerful it is to make people play. And the local table games and toys industry is the one I aim to, being in love with Catalan’s creativity.

What have your biggest struggles been as an entrepreneur?

Being taken seriously in a masculine world; sometimes I found myself explaining things that are new to great small entrepreneurs whose activity has been shaken to the roots by reality. Sometimes they feel I am “just another marketing girl” and it is like climbing a rugged wall without gloves, sometimes it hurts.

Most of my clients are ashamed of needing help, it is a mix of pride and distress, I understand it, and so often being a woman is, to them, being “less”; again, it hurts, then I put on my poker face and deliver!

How do you feel about the Planet Venus community?

I do love the idea of pure, clear, networking for women. I like the range of different skills and abilities and would like to learn a lot from the other ladies; sometimes helping another person is the best way to clarify oneself. Together we can!!!!

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