Planet Venus Women: Anuradha Dalmia

This week we introduce to you Anuradha Dalmia! Anuradha has hosted some of our uplifting networking events prior to the lockdown at her very own restaurant Kriti, a place where people come together to breathe life into their dreams.

Read more about her journey below!

Who are you?

I’m Anuradha but everyone here in Barcelona calls me Anu, and I come from India. I’ve been in Barcelona for 7 years now and I’m a mom of a 12-year-old.

My background is sociology and I’ve been a professional social worker for many years. I used to work in NGOs on life skills education and the environment sector.

Describe yourself with 3 words

Changing, aspiring, growing.

These are the words now, but they will surely be different in some time when I evolve!

What do you do?

Here in Barcelona things changed. Suddenly, I started remembering my own dreams. I wanted to experience myself differently than the way I always had. Then I started my own concept restaurant called Kriti, It’s all about creating your dreams and inspiring people to take action to create their dreams. This is also what I’m personally doing now, too, I’ve always had idealistic visions. Taking action and grounding my ideas is what I’m doing now and hopefully I can inspire people to do the same.

Kriti is a small project, a personalized place. Even though I have people who are specialists and are helping me and advising me; I am involved with everything. I cook sometimes, I clean a bit but I think the thing I enjoy the most is the concept development. To understand what the vision is and to inspire people to create their dreams and how to create a sense of community.

For example, we have our Coffee with Gratitude which happens in the evenings. It’s all about saying thank you, transforming energies and sharing energies. We also have daily quotations on the menus. The motivation is for Kriti to be the place to come and share your dreams. Because the first thing you need to do is talk about your dreams. When you talk about them with someone else, it is more likely to get the courage and inspiration to help them come to life. When you give it a voice people will come and help you. And this voicing comes usually when you’re at a restaurant with friends and talking. It is what happened to me as well – I was nudged by my friend who asked me why I hadn’t brought my restaurant idea to reality after 15 years of planning it.

I also have my certificate in life skills coaching! I am an Emotional Healing Coach now. I am breaking free from my own personal limiting beliefs, changing my own ‘story’- the way I look at my past- That’s what I do, where I am coming from. And because it’s my own journey, I believe the best way to send a message is to forward my learnings. The best way to learn is to teach that thing to others!

I found that everything in life in the end comes with emotional healing because you have a lot of internal battles you have to go through. I also believe that your professional life is at the end of the day your personal one. You can’t move ahead professionally if you’re emotionally down.

What are your aspirations in the future?

I’m not looking for this one big thing. I have small things that I want to accomplish.

My greatest fear is visibility, which is also what I am working towards. If I don’t become more visible, I cannot market myself and attract clients. As a consequence I would not be able to grow a community and influence people to take action- that goal would never be achieved. I’m working now on “project Anuradha shining”, haha! It is the toughest thing for me at the moment.

What has your biggest struggle as an entrepreneur been?

The same thing – being visible.

It also has to do with breaking your own mindset. I used to define myself as a social worker but now I’m also an entrepreneur. I’m trying to balance those two because social work is all about giving, while entrepreneurship is a bit more complex, it involves calculating many variables and numbers. However, my values remain the same, which shows in my business – it isn’t the typical business model, it has a lot of additional value.

How have you been dealing with the pandemic?

It’s been an up and down ride. I started off feeling like I needed a break with so much on my platter. It was nice to have a one week holiday but then it became too much.

As I said, I’ve been doing a lot of emotional healing. There was a time I was just eating and watching Netflix because I didn’t want to deal with my emotions. I couldn’t even meditate.

So one day I realized I finally needed help. I needed to let it out and then I started picking myself up. I started some forgiveness exercises which I was doing on myself. Then I began doing the coaching too!

How do you feel about the Planet Venus community?

I love Planet Venus! Even before I started my restaurant I was connected to it. Then especially when Planet Venus held some events in Kriti, it grew. And people who are there want to hear what you’re doing and are usually in the same boat. It’s a great support community, especially for an expat. Every time after an event with Planet Venus at my restaurant, the energy inside would just go up. You bring so much positivity because the women want to actually come and connect!

Visit her restaurant’s website and check out her blog!

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