Planet Venus Women: Anne-Sophie Pissavin

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Anne-Sophie. I’m French and I’ve been in Barcelona for more than 5 years; and a Spanish resident for almost 10 years. I studied design in a famous school in France and life drove me from design to marketing, following opportunities.

I worked for 10 years as a Marketing Manager for famous brands and companies.

Describe yourself with 3 words.

Creative, rebel, a bit utopist.

What do you do?

I’m trying to develop my own network and business in order to offer consulting services through using my knowledge, experience and skills in design, marketing, retail, brand strategy and ethic & consciousness of our environnement.

What do you aspire to do?

I aspire to work as an independent … why not setting up a Creative Marketing Agency which will respect my own values: based on humans and not so much on money; promoting local forces, respecting people & the environment.

In the best case scenario I would like to have the opportunity to choose my own projects and clients.

What has been your biggest struggle(s) as an entrepreneur so far?

Networking & prospect. Since I am not a salesperson, it’s not something I’m comfortable with, it’s complicated to get interesting & interested clients.

Also creativity is unfortunately often underestimated .

How are you coping during the pandemic?

I had processes on the way and it just stopped and I’m not sure that companies will be able to come back to me. It depends on how long this period will last.

Companies are now focusing on Basics & essentials projects. I have only an e-commerce brand development now on the way, hoping that this company will launch their services also, yet they are doubting.

How do you feel about the Planet Venus community?

I will certainly attend future events as I really appreciate the team handling Planet Venus. Well, in my case I’m more interested in the supportive family it’s offering me. Meanwhile I also had the chance to meet amazing and powerful women who inspire me!

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