How can a small business generate impact and make a difference?

In order to continue helping more business and entrepreneurial women advance their careers, Planet Venus joins forces with Wisar.Pro, the new platform that uses cutting-edge technology to connect freelance talent with flexible work opportunities worldwide.

The union of both projects aims to generate greater job opportunities for women at all stages of their lives and accompany them in the search process.

This commitment will allow members of this community to access Wisar’s toolkit to boost the success of digital freelancers via:

  1. Wisar Pro, the world’s first aggregator of jobs published in online freelancing platforms, that uses artificial intelligence to match clients and independent workers worldwide.  
  2. Wisar Academy, life-changing training programs designed to fast-track digital freelancing careers, from the basics to profile creation to the closing of the first online contracts.

Being a member of our community, aka a VENUSIANA you will benefit with:

– Discounted access to to all Planet Venus affiliates (30% OFF using the discount coupon WIPROPV30 in, knowing it’s always possible for you to use the Forever Free plan to benefit from the basic matching service.

– Special discounts and dedicated services to Planet Venus affiliates that acquire Wisar Academy programs.



This collaboration between Planet Venus and Wisar will start with a 30-days challenge for those who want to kick off their careers as online freelancers participating in the Wisar Academy Starter program . Participants can select their preferred learning mode (Flying Solo or Hand in Hand), and will receive in addition for being a Venusiana:

  • 15% discount in the program fees using the discount coupon WAPVST15.
  • Weekly tutoring (Q&A) group sessions during the 4 weeks of duration of the program.

  • Access to the private Planet Venus community in Wisar Slack channels to promote exchange within the Planet Venus participants.


Do you want to be part of the 30-Day Challenge? Sign up here!

Do you want to be part of the 30-Day Challenge?

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