Planet Venus Ambassador in South of Spain: Daniela Derin

Meet Daniela Derin, Planet Venus Ambassador in South of Spain!

Daniela is a holiday rental manager, boutique travel agent, real estate broker and weddings & events planner currently living in Marbella.

She is originally from the North of Italy (Trieste) and made her home and professional career in Marbella, where she lives with her family.

We are really excited to have her in our community as an Ambassador! She will be not only writing interesting articles from her expertise but also will be moderating a group of Venusianas in Andalucia.

Tell us about yourself… What was your journey until now?

An authentic roller coaster!
Since settling down here in Marbella in 1998, my partner and I worked in real estate, then opened our Italian cafe in 2000 and started to work with holiday rentals apartments in 2010 with the other crisis.

The business grew gradually, so we specialized in vacation rentals and all the tourism related activities spreading out to boutique travel agents and offer: transfers, experiences, day trips, tours around Andalusia, Spain and Morocco, advices on what to do etc. in order to give our guest the full service becoming a one stop shop for their holiday in Marbella.

Now we’ve also started to offer wedding and event planning.

It hasn’t been easy, we have worked side by side everyday for the last 20+ years and in the other crisis we nearly lost everything, but we held onto each other and got where we are.

When this pandemic hit, exactly a year ago, we knew we could overcome it as we did with the financial catastrophe, because this time we’re more mature, experienced and secure, but even so, there are good days and bad days.

Why did you choose Marbella to settle up?

I am from the North of Italy and Vincenzo is from the South, two totally different realities, we met in London, extremely cosmopolitan and open place, travelled all around Europe and when we got to Marbella we fell in love with the climate, the relaxed vibe and the possibility of doing what we wanted (we were young and wild and free) but still love this place so much that a part of our job is also helping people relocating to Marbella and help them realise their dreams of leaving on the beach.

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How is the experience of working with your partner?

We have been extremely lucky to have found each other so early in life to be able to do everything together.

The good thing is that we know each other so well, the majority of time we do not even need to speak, as we both know what the other one thinks. On the other hand you bring work into bed or into couple time (the rare times we get to be on our own) and into family time (kids have learnt business strategy from very  early age).
Being Italian, we’re extremely passionate, so when we talk we tend to scream and people think we’re having an argument. I am the dreamer, creative, more free spirit and he pulls me down to reality with figures and strategy.

All our life is around each other, the family and the business, very few friends and social as quite frankly we haven’t got my time, no colleague to hang out with separately, but hey, at least we have each other!

What is the group “Planet Venus Marbella” about? 

I would like to create a group of girl bosses to learn, empower and even hang out with each other. Being a small business owner is most of the time quite lonely and just being around people or having a support net can help tremendously.

And network to promote each other’s businesses.


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From your experience, which important advice would you give to female entrepreneurs?

To never give up following their dreams, to ask for help, get education, find a mentor delegate when possible and surround by a group of support.

If I had all this when I started out, it would have taken me half the time!

How do you feel when you see a community of women supporting each other like Planet Venus?

Happy to be part of it because a strong community of like minded individuals is extremely beneficial for all the members.


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