How to show your values and implement them in your personal brand strategy

In my case it’s all about women empowering and art. So here it is a short story on how to build strong communities and align them to your brand. Inspiring story of The Daffodils Art Collective that helped me to find courage and power during last year and became a big part of me, my brand and my life.

When it comes to building a personal brand, as you probably know, there are few important steps that every entrepreneur has to figure out: what is your purpose, the tone of your voice, to who and what you’re talking about are one of them. 

If you’re in the first stages of this exciting journey it might be a bit overwhelming, so let’s start from the beginning.


“We love and follow brands not because they are just brands, but because we share the same values, because we connect. That’s why living and showing your values, which are also your brand’s values, is crucial in your personal brand strategy”.

Values are the things that are important to us, they are the core principle of our life. They determine our choices, actions and decisions. 


How to define personal brand values?

While you are shaping your personal brand, figuring out your brand message and your brand’s voice, the one thing that you know are your values (no worries, they are aligned with your brand’s values). They are the pillars of your brand, they guide your decisions.  

The best way to start to figure them out is to work on your brand story. 

Start from the beginning and get deeper into it and ask yourself: 

Why are you building your personal brand? 

Which product or service are you sharing with us and how do you make the world a better place?

Write a list of the most important things for you (and your brand). You know what you stand for, so don’t hesitate. You can start with honesty, relationship, empowerment or learning, it has to be your decision.

It’s not enough to talk about them in your blog post or on IG, you need to live them, be honest with your audience and inspire people to come along the journey. Words need action, the world needs leaders and we all need communities where we share our stories and we feel accepted. 

I will break it down on my example:

As you know I’m a creative brand photographer and I’m an art seeker. I need nature to inspire me and I believe that art is hidden in small daily things, so I want to make it visible. 

Yes, I create and pass on stories, but there is so much beyond that.

I’m interested in art, mutual inspiration and woman empowerment. I’m also surrounded by talented and eager to create or to search for inspirational people. You all inspire and motivate me, you give me the energy that I need to go forward.

Here are some of my personal brand values:

· empowerment – helping woman to craft their visual brand story and show their inner power and energy, wisdom and clarity

· connection, trust & cooperation – I believe that in order to create meaningful personal brand photos there has to be a spark and connection between us, I also believe in cooperation over competition

· passion, creativity & quality –  I pass on my passion and creative input to every project I’m working on and deliver the prime quality final product

Female Art Collective:

In March last year we got together with few female artists and we started to inspire each other to create in different circumstances. That was the need and inspiration for building The Daffodils Female Artists Collective. We started it with Basia Flow Adamczyk, director, writer and singer from Poland and Fanni, painter, designer and activist from Hungary. We believed in it, we know that we need mutual inspiration, that we need art and the presence of other artists. 

The collective is growing, we are creating together and experimenting with art, passing on the passion and art, empowering women in the art industry.

About The Collective:

“The name of the project “The Daffodils” symbolizes the coming of spring, a new beginning. It is a symbol of rebirth, redirecting negative thoughts to new action. This project was inspired by the time of isolation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Four artists, in different places around the world, representing various genres of art, decided, despite the unfavorable situation, to create together, be inspired by art and support each other. After a month, more joined, and with each passing day more and more of us.

We are Women.

We are painters, photographers, costume designers, musicians, singers, dancers, writers, poets, performers, directors and choreographers.

We are women, we are artists, we come from Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Cuba, Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Norway and Argentina.

We are connected by love for art and sisterly energy. We support each other, inspire each other, create joint projects and share them with the world.”

We have clear values, we believe in cooperation over competition, in relationship, creativity and passion, empowerment and diversity. 

One of the aspects of my personal brand is being a part of The Daffodils Art Collective.

It visualises my goals. It shows that I live my values and act to get closer to my mission. It shows, not only tells. It gives me credibility. It connects people in search for art, inspiration and it is empowering. It creates a community and it strikes for a movement.

Your Values Are your Compass

They shape your brand and they are the pillars of it. You’ll always refer to them while making a decision and choosing your next move.

They grow and evolve with you and that’s the beauty of it, that’s the journey that you’re inviting us to come along.

To get clear on your values start with the question:

What is my story?

Why and how I want to make this world a better place?

Your values will be your compass on every step of your journey and they will connect you with like minded people who fight for the same cause. 

Links and credits

Julia Malinowska:

The Daffodils Art Collective

Basia Flow Adamczyk:

Info about photos:

All the photos were taken during the first lockdown in 2020 and they are part of The Daffodils Art Project. 

Info about the video:

Concept : Flow & Julia Malinowska
Model: Basia Flow Adamczyk
Paintings: Jadwiga Ogiejko-Adamczyk

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