Meet the Founder of Planet Venus

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Deborah and I am the co-founder of a coworking space in Barcelona. Together with my Dutch husband we also work in it.

Describe yourself with 3 word

100% passionate; hard-working and self-confident.

As a female entrepreneur, what have your biggest struggles been?

I left my old life to come to Barcelona. Almost out of obligation or a necessity I needed to become an entrepreneur; something that I do like and I became crazy about it. Although definitely the hardest thing was to stop being 100% a mother and to become an entrepreneur. Now we need to share parenthood with my husband and it’s quite difficult sometimes.

What inspired you to create Planet Venus?

I imagined Planet Venus to be a place where all women can share their passion just like us, with other women. Because I truly believe that all the women around the world will share such a passion soon.

What do you envision Planet Venus to become?

Where all women have the same opportunities and a place where we will rule the world.

What do you want to tell the prospective women who want to join the community?

To all the women who want to come – to not only receive but also to give back to the community. This way we can make this community grow. And even though this is a space for women to grow as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, men are most definitely welcome as our guests!

Last words

To all the women from Barcelona and all around the world – with Planet Venus – we will really change the scope of the Galaxy!

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