Discover Miah, a virtual coach that helps women to improve their health and sexual well-being

Giuliana Huamán considers herself a 4×4 (all terrain), traveled for 3 years around the world, awarded by MIT, has been a TEDx speaker and today is CEO of Miah, a virtual coach that helps women improve their health and sexual wellbeing with themselves and their partners.

She is a business and performing arts administrator, a personal & executive coach with more than 12 years of experience, storyteller and innovation specialist. After having many personal and professional achievements added to the experiences of her coachees, she realized that she had achieved many things except learning about her sexuality and reconciling with it.

Pablo Gonzalez is her partner and partner in this adventure, they have both gone through their own processes with their sexuality. Both decided to take charge of a problem known by many but that few dare to deal with it, so they have the purpose with Miah: “To give women access to health counseling and sexual wellness quality”.

Tell us a little bit about Miah and how you came up with the idea of creating this app? 

We did a study of 1000 women from Latam and Spain where they told us about all their sexual problems and that they wanted help, but 90% were embarrassed to ask for a sex specialist, those who got one, the specialist was not available, and others could not pay the cost (70 – 150 euros per session) for a sex therapy, therefore they canceled that option.

That is why we created Miah, to provide women with access to a tool developed by specialists, with a comprehensive approach and at an affordable price. Approaching what will be the medicine 2.0 in the post covid era and where artificial intelligence will play a leading role.

Miah is an artificial intelligence based app that acts as your sex coach. Miah develops a personalized program for you, you only have to give yourself 10 minutes a day to improve the relationship you have with you and your partner. In addition to having a community of women who are going through the same as you and who will be that human support in your process. A 100% confidential app, you can be called whatever you want, you choose an avatar that represents you and no one within the app knows your identity.

Unlike other sexuality apps, we cover it in a 360º (mind, body and spirit) plus Miah is a humanoid avatar that will be your companion throughout your process.

I came up with Miah in 2018 after being awarded by MIT in the Bootcamp of innovation and entrepreneurship, then I knew I wanted to continue traveling the world so I did, on the way I met my partner Pablo Gonzalez and together we made this idea a reality after being stranded in India at the beginning of the pandemic. The reason why we started was that at the beginning of the pandemic I knew everything that was coming after locking us up for so long: couples ended, many couples were separated, many people without personal contact, other people alone in their four walls, and the crises begin to appear.

What was the main reason why you decided to make your project about sexuality and women? Is there a personal story behind that choice?

I have been a coach for 13 years and in the various processes I have had in my hands, 85% had some problem focused on their sexuality but I was not a specialist in sexuality so I always told them that they should look for one, their answers were always the same:
Where can I find one? And I also asked myself: where?
Today in 2022 there is a very small supply of sexuality specialists that cannot meet the current demand.

As a child my parents empowered me to become a successful professional and have a great education and I did very well, but in this eagerness for women’s empowerment, I think they have forgotten to see empowerment as a whole, including our sexual empowerment, and by that I don’t mean being the best fucker and always horny, but knowing myself, exploring myself, loving my body, breaking my limiting beliefs, knowing how to say “No is no”, knowing if I have an infection, how my menstruation is, what I use, what I consume or what I take.
To know that if I take pills I am not only protecting myself from not getting pregnant, but that I am taking in a quantity of hormones and substances that sooner or later can generate a consequence like me, which generated a 5.5 cm endiometrosis in my left ovary and that they wanted to extract, but I said “No” I knew that there was a lot behind it, and that I had to first make a trip to my inner self.

But that’s not all that happened to me, I went through many more problems that you can read about on Miah’s blog.

And that’s why we chose to focus on women first, because the information focused on our sexuality is still not so open, we still have a lot of prejudices and a lot of the information you find online is not of quality.

Who would you recommend to download Miah?

When I designed Miah I did it with the thought, “I don’t want another woman to go through what I went through, I don’t want her to touch the 52 doors I knocked on, the amount of money I invested, the times I felt so much shame.
I’ve been through what you’ve been through so if this resonates with you, Miah can be very helpful to you.

You will talk to her as if she were your confidant, a program that starts from the ground up and builds up, you measure your goals, you do practical exercises with your body, mind and spirit. Your community will be there for you, it will not leave you alone.

Miah is about to launch, so if you want to be one of the first ones, go to

What difficulties or challenges did you encounter along the way as an entrepreneur?

Being also sextech is a sector still underdeveloped in the Spanish-speaking ecosystems, so it has been a challenge to have the ideal partners to bet on a solution like ours.

As an entrepreneur, I broke a startup in 2016 due to my inexperience. I thought that all ecosystems were Sillicon Valley and I didn’t protect my technology legally, for being very trusting in all the people who approach…

But I believe that any difficulty is overcome or supported by the team, and I have always had, apart from partners, great people. Today Pablo is the best partner in this adventure.

How do you feel when you see a community of women supporting each other like Planet Venus?

We feel very grateful, because not all doors respond so quickly and above all they open them completely, and that is what we have felt with Planet Venus. Thank you for joining this purpose, as women we must continue to support each other, we must create solutions to work together, adding one to the other. And with Planet Venus, we found that.

We hope this is the first collaboration we can make. We invite Venusianas to write us, if you think that Miah resonates with you and you want to do some collaboration with us, happy to hear from you, if you just want to tell us your story, happy to hear from you, if you want to introduce us to someone, we will appreciate it, and especially if you work in technology and want to join us, we will open the doors as our friends of Planet Venus did. Thank you very much.

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