Let’s get to know each other!

Many of you have asked the same questions about Planet Venus. Today we are sharing 4 of the most burning ones below!

What’s more, we also need your help! Yes, yes – yours! The better we get to know you, the more we can do for you. Read on, get to know us and tell more about yourself!

What can I expect from Planet Venus in the future?

Whether you’ve owned a business for years or you just had a brilliant idea in the shower, Planet Venus is here to help you start and grow your company. At Planet Venus you can find matching opportunities, local and online, new business partnerships, an extended network, workshops to improve your soft & hard skills which will help you start and grow a business, and much more. We are a rocket launching your ship into space. We help you turn to the right direction while remaining in control. Even though our paths are all different, they are all possible – no matter where we come from or who we know. We aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, and celebrate failures as learned lessons. Speaking of questions , we would like to ask you a few. If you click here, you will find a Planet Venus survey which aims to help us tailor our services based on your needs. If you dedicate a couple of minutes to fill it out, we promise to invest hours and hours to analyse it and make the desired improvements!

How can I join and what do I have to do?

Planet Venus has three different levels of memberships. However, during the crisis all of our online workshops are free of charge to everyone. Membership subscribers will receive an email with invitation links to online workshops.

What benefits can I get from being part of Planet Venus?

First of all, Planet Venus is a community of women entrepreneurs willing to support you on your journey, grow, learn and share experiences together. A special place where unexpected business partnerships can be born! Secondly, in the current situation you all have an opportunity to learn from our online workshops. We focus on learning new skills online, pitching your business, and even embracing your confidence in finding the right path for yourself. Your suggestions for online (and offline) session topics are always welcome!

Thirdly, we are building an online and offline platform to boost your business and increase your reach and sales. Furthermore, we want to offer a physical space for working, coworking, building collaborations, attending events and facilitating workshops.

We also aim to use all our media channels to advertise our members’ businesses and raise their visibility if needed.

Can men join Planet Venus?

Planet Venus is a community made by and for women entrepreneurs, where men are always welcome as guests. We offer men coworking places, meeting rooms and events. Our door is always open for men to be speakers, educators and supporters! Part of our mission is to create a dynamic space without any form of discrimination.

Stay tuned with us and let’s grow together!

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