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At Planet Venus we are lovers of personal care and curious about the novelties and therefore, our team along with one of our Venusianas, have tested one of the star products of the brand Intimina, the Lily Cup in its two sizes.

The Lily Cup is the only menstrual cup that rolls up as thin as a tampon. Ideal for women with a high cervix or heavy flow, Lily Cup is an ultra-soft cup with an oblique rim and high capacity, offering you total comfort throughout your period.

Catalina has reviewed the Lily Cup size A and Michelle has tested the Lily Cup B, ideal for women who have given birth and for those with a weak pelvic floor.

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Intimina’s Lily Cup Review


CATA -Size A-

My own experience using a menstrual cup is not that established, but after using it for a couple of years I simply cannot live without it.

I will never forget the day a friend told me about this new method. She described it as an amazing and innovative alternative to other less sustainable period products, such as pads or tampons. At that time I was 21 and she was 26, and I found it quite the opposite to amazing…it felt rather unpleasant, laborious and too “hippie” for my mind at that time. 

A few years later, with more life experience under my belt, a colleague at work came back to me with the idea of using a menstrual cup, and how her experience using it had been wonderful. So I thought I should give it a try!

She told me, first of all, how incredibly practical it was for her: she would put it in in the morning and then, at night when she took a bath, she would take it off, rinse it off and put it back in before she went to sleep. And so she would repeat the procedure…just twice a day!

Secondly, she talked to me about how cheap this method was: no more money spent on tampons or menstrual pads. 

And finally, by using a menstrual cup, instead of unsustainable pads and tampons, we are actually taking care of the environment too. Whilst we are on our periods no less!

A woman should only use 4 menstrual cups in her lifetime (each one lasting 10 years), meaning less period product waste that is made from plastic, paper or other non-biodegradable products.

Learning about three benefits of using a menstrual cup inspired me to give this method a go for myself.

It is true that the cup requires a little patience and the first few months of use are all about adapting and exploring. Yet, from the first use you can both feel and see the benefits. It is much more comfortable and hygienic than any other product I have used, not to mention all the benefits listed above. It changed my life.

In this new stage of exploration, I tried different cups, among them the Lily Cup by Intimina Size A.

My experience with this cup has been reeeally good. I’ve used it for my last two periods and I was amazed at how well it stuck and how easy it is to use, besides the usual leakings in the first 24 hours. I invite you to read this detailed review on Intimina’s Lily Cup by Michelle Hallum.

My old cup was completely replaced by the Lily Cup!


lily cup



My vagina has seen a lot over the years, and with the home births of my two little angels (devils), it was never to be the same again. Of course, I do the pelvic floor exercises when I remember (of course I’m doing them now as I write!), but I just assumed that I was doomed to leaking during my period for the rest of my annoying menstrual life. 

Until I tried the Intimina Lily Cup that is. Expecting the usual leaking on the first two days of my heavy period, I inserted the cup not really supposing that this time would be any different. Boy, did I get a shock! No leaks! Not one! Looking at the design of the cup it’s not hard to tell why. It has an inner lip that prevents upleaks from the cup. But to be honest, I’d just assumed that my vagina wall was not able to hold the cup so well to avoid all leaks sneaking by as it exited. It seems that wasn’t the case. 1 point for my vagina, yeah! 



So this cup is great BUT, there are some things the amatuer needs to know. 

Firstly, the instructions on how to insert it are pretty vague. Being a menstrual cup veteran, I worked it out. But for newbies, this could block you from the start. So just so you know, you need to squeeze it together to mould it into a tampon-like shape and insert it, as you would a tampon. This is not the same as other cups I’ve tried where it’s more of a ‘make-it-as-small-as-possible’ style and pop it up. So this cup is more like inserting a tampon.




Also, because of the wonderful lip that stops leakage, it can be a bit of a bugger to empty. Great if you’re at home, rather annoying (and messy) in public toilets that don’t have a sink in them. So either only change it at home, or look for a public toilet with a sink to avoid messy hands and lots of tissue usage. 



Saying all that, you get cons with all cups but for me, the fact that I had no leaks, surpasses all criticism of this cup and makes it my top favourite so far.


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