How to find the balance between work and personal life while working from home?

Are you working from home for the first time?

Are you unable to disconnect your mind from work?

Has the Corona Virus crowned your entire routine and you don’t know how to adapt?

We know that the new normality has been imposed on us and for the moment, indefinitely. That is why if you’re going through moments of doubt, even anxiety, we want to give you some guidelines so you can recover the balance between your professional and personal life.

Working from home requires discipline and knowing how to take care of yourself.

But this goes beyond establishing a list of tasks, this is about setting limits and being able to find moments of calm and quiet to better cope with this situation of maximum uncertainty.

1. Establish limits

Working from home for the first time can mean working non-stop and without a clear objective.

Before you start, define your goals for the day or the week, what it would mean for you to have finished the day successfully and if you have the possibility, share with the rest of your team or with your manager the goals for the week.

It can also help you establish a faster and more direct communication channel with your team to avoid spending a good part of the day answering emails.

2. Spend some time on other habits

  • Take a refreshing shower and dress as if you were going out. Pajamas should not be your work outfit.
  • Take breaks and go for a walk. Nothing like fresh air to clear your mind.
  • Get your social life back. Whether it’s having a coffee with friends in the afternoon or visiting an exhibition… share your time with other people.
  • Move your body! Take time to exercise and release endorphins.

3. Do an outdoor activity

If you’ve just moved your desk from the office to your kitchen table, you may have noticed that you spend more than 8 hours at home, whereas you used to cover those hours away from home. If you add to this the household chores and the care of your loved ones, it is possible that you spend more than a day without leaving home.

That is why we recommend that you sign up for some activity that forces you to leave your home and if possible to interact with other people, within the limitations of the virus of course.

Sign up for a yoga studio, a book club… it will help you feel more energetic and accompanied.

And as we like to remember from Planet Venus, self-care is a necessity, not a luxury, so don’t skimp on it and listen to your body, it knows what you need.

4. Create a specific work environment

If you are working from home for the first time, it is good to spend some time decorating your new work area with the elements you like the most: flowers, candles, decorative posters.

And if you can’t create a specific space in your home and you have to work at the living room table, that’s fine! Make sure you turn off your computer at the end of your work day and set it aside so that the living room can once again become your sanctuary of relaxation.

Finally, we remind you that there are coworkings, shared work spaces where you can share your day with other like-minded people as well as expand your network of contacts.

Planet Venus has a space available for you. Check out our rates and come and meet us without commitment!

Article written by our collaborator: Valentina Llorens

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