How to cultivate your creativity?

We know that many times the mind blocks and it is difficult to be creative. The best ideas come when we are relaxed and without pressure.

Most of the time, businesses demand to think fast because of a problem that needs solving, building a new strategy, updating the website, generating content, etc.. The list is endless!

There are people who think they are not creative… but everyone is! You just have to work on developing creativity.

Creativity is the skill of generating and producing new ideas, ideas that can be artistic or functional ideas that seek to solve a problem.

That is the reason why today we share 7 tips to unblock creativity:

Create creativity tasks every day: write a page, read a book, make a draw, etc.

Learn as much as you can about the problem you are trying to solve and consider all the possible solutions. Find out how the most original ideas have emerged until now.

Research your competition or other companies and see how they do it. One can always learn from others.

Keep a notebook of ideas and write down any thoughts or ideas you come up with. The first ideas never are the best. Don’t keep the first idea that looks interesting, keep looking for different and more creative ones. Creativity can come up at any time.

Surround yourself with people you admire and do brainstorming. You can always improve your creativity if you know initiative and innovative people . Learn from their knowledge and ways of thinking.

– To be original and creative, look for new ideas that passionate you, don’t follow trends.

– In the moments of blockage take some time to clear your mind. Give yourself time to think and chill. Don’t be overwhelmed if you can’t find the key today. Tomorrow may be a better day.

Apply these tips when it comes to being creative and after a few days, the solutions should appear.

Creativity is a skill that should be developed throughout life. There is no better trick to developing creativity than to practice, practice and keep practicing.

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