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Hello everyone! My name is Valentina and I’ve been a Venusiana for almost a year now. Why do I introduce myself like this? Because this community has been a source of inspiration for me to create my own brand of slow-made accessories.

For several years I have had a project in mind that I was pursuing but could not materialize: to have a product to market, first creating a good brand image, a well-defined communication strategy and sell online anywhere in the world.

I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations in 2017 being clear that I liked advertising but I didn’t want to work in an agency. After two years working in communication and brand development, I was convinced that I had the know-how to create something of my own but I still didn’t know what.

I was seduced by the concept of drop-shipping and with the emergence of Shopify I was about to launch, however, I felt that this option did not just involve me in the manufacturing process nor did I have direct control over the product to be marketed.

In 2020 I traveled to Australia with the idea of spending at least a year, get inspired and find a star product to take to Spain and sell online, but COVID-19 caught us by surprise and we had to return to Spain 6 months earlier than planned. As a result of this unexpected turn of events, we ended up living in Formentera, in a quiet cottage overlooking the sea.

My new circumstances and the momentum of online communities allowed me to connect with a community of entrepreneurial women eager to share, learn and above all create the businesses of their dreams. As I read the experiences of other Venusianas, I felt more courageous and eager to take up my initial idea: to create my own brand.

In December, I went back to Mallorca to celebrate Christmas with my family and one afternoon with my sister we recovered an old habit from when we were little: making crafts with polymer clay. That afternoon I enjoyed a lot and it was clear to me that I wanted to learn how to make unique handmade accessories.

I had many failed attempts, burnt pieces, cuts on my hands, anxiety before going to sleep and anxiety just after waking up but in 3 months I was able to create the Ginkgo brand with a whole collection of accessories, my own E-commerce, cool photo shoots and start selling my products all over Spain.

This incredible journey has convinced me that we are capable of doing many things if we have a clear idea, desire and ambition and of course a community that supports you. In my moments of doubt and loss of confidence I was able to lean on the women of the Planet Venus community, receive feedback, advice and continue to bet on my dreams.

Now I have orders from Zaragoza, Canary Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, La Rioja, Baleares… and I hope soon to start selling outside Spain.

I hope you like my collection and if you want to get your Ginkgo accessories you can buy them directly from the Planet Venus webshop.

You can also find me at:

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