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Keys to become a motivated person!

We will talk about what we do in order not to be able to motivate ourselves, or to motivate ourselves to do what we do not want (postpone something, eat what does not suit us, spend time on what is superfluous and not on what is important, etc)
We will explain Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, well known by advertisers to motivate us to buy, and we will apply them to motivate us to get what we DO want.
We will also talk about mental strategies that lead us to do or not do what we want, and we will learn to modify them so that they are useful to us.

How to choose your 2021 goals from your essence

In this workshop, Eva will give us tools to learn how to listen and connect better with our essence, so that we can set goals which are more aligned with what we really want… and sometimes don’t even dare to consider.