A woman, a daughter, a friend, a photographer, a choreographer, a dancer, a venusiana.

My name is Denitsa Dikova and I dance photography and photograph dance. My path started as a dancer and during that path, photography was always going hand in hand with my work and the work of others. As a dancer, the way I was looking and feeling the movement was forming specificity in my images. That is how I was a photographer of European dance festivals, Dance schools, and personal photo sessions. 

My sharing with you today is called “Roots“. These are photographs made during my investigation as a dancer. I combine dance and photography by myself as I want to propose something very intimate.

With the images, I would love to invite You to the stream of movement. To the complexity, the simplicity, the flow, the range of possibilities, the emotion. The proposed photographs are not collages, but only photographic techniques and an approach used to cover the multi-layered movement. I chose to photograph my hands while moving as they are the part that represents for me something very rooted in our own primordial nature. The hand is our power to question and to move through life!