Coping during a crisis: Practical tips

Are you a freelancer? Do you own a small business? Are you affected by the pandemic or worried that you might be?

Last week we talked about how shifting to a positive mindset amid all the craziness can help you become more creative and innovative – as a true entrepreneur. This week we want to tackle the more practical side of dealing with a crisis like this one. We have prepared for you a series of tips, ideas and sources that might be useful to you during this period!


It is no secret that freelancers are one of the groups that are currently suffering the most, as companies are currently cutting budgets and focusing on the internal side of their business. The Drum made a list with various companies and organizations which are looking to hire new recruits. More importantly, they list many support groups and resources, too!

Marguerite, for example, a club for women who work in the visual arts based in London, has opened a page where freelancers can list their skillset and employers can scroll through the offers!

On the 17th of March the Catalan government announced that it will be granting up to 2,000 euros in compensation for the freelancers who have suffered significant economic losses.

Here you can find out how to get in touch with governmental institutions which can provide financial and practical help for both freelancers and small businesses!

Did you know that you can also request a refund of public transport cards? This and other important information and tips you can find here.

Small Businesses

Beyond all the financial risks the virus poses to the small business, it is very cruicial now to boost marketing efforts rather than cut them. More than ever it is important to stay visible.

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