Coping during a crisis: Moving your body

During these unprecedented times, it is difficult to get good work done, take care of the kids, and what’s to say about moving and exercising since we’re all stuck at home! We know that finding the time and motivation for such activities can be hard…

In this week’s Coping During a Crisis blog series, we have gathered some (free of charge) online workout classes – for the ones of you who have some time and motivation to spare (but maybe you didn’t know where to look)!


For those of you who haven’t explored the world of yoga and its healing (mental and physical) capabilities – we highly recommend trying it out!

Our personal recommendation would be trying it with the amazing Adriene.

On her channel she has many collections of yoga flows and practices which are not difficult to try at home! Her soothing voice and guiding words ensure a calming experience and helps her audience to begin exploring the world of Yoga, even if you’re there just for a short while.

For example, her 30 days of Yoga HOME journey can help you feel good inside your own body and mind!

Stretching and flexibility

MadFit collects various workouts (at home), and we found her stretching and flexibility routine to be amazing. It is a mash up of different exercises from when she used to be a dancer which helped her to gain flexibility! It can help you with tightness which many of us are feeling after sitting at home for a long while now. Enjoy!

Other workouts worth a try

If you’re into workouts which help you burn some calories and get fit through gym-like exercises, you should check out Vicky Justiz and try out some of her challenges!

No equipment needed, just a little time in your busy schedules!

And if you’re just looking for a full body workout with the classics of Zumba, HIIT and other popular names in the fitness world, check out this playlist which contains many 30-minute routines!

We hope this was helpful and we wish you an energetic week!

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