Coping during a crisis: Learning new skills online

Already three weeks have passed since the beginning of the quarantine period. How time flies, or doesn’t it? We’re sure that you have been busy working from home and doing your best to stay afloat! It is no secret that these times are not business as usual. We need to find new ways to do what we have been doing so far. Or maybe even – start over! What a better time than now to learn a new skill and become an improved version of yourself. 

This week, your Planet Venus team has prepared a series of sources which can be useful to achieve just that!

“In the short term, people are remarkably adaptive and often cope surprisingly well in stressful situations. But over time, there can be negative consequences of living in a confined and isolated environment under extreme conditions, like increased stress levels, mental fatigue, irritability, and interpersonal conflict.”

NASA astronauts have some tricks up their sleeve to keep themselves from breaking down, because “the limits of living and working in space are now probably more psychological than technological. If people break down, the mission fails.” The similarity between the astronauts in space and us, here on earth, is that we are similarly confined for a long period of time. 

Here’s their course to keep a fresh and healthy mind!

Did you already check out The Metropolitan’s selection of the 14 best online learning resources? Their selection mainly focuses on university and college databases, but you can also find some focused on business and marketing skills!

Here’s our list with intriguing courses for advancing your skills:

1. Coursera – Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.

2. LinkedIn Learning course – Over 15,000 Courses Taught by Real-World Industry Experts

3. Skillshare – Skillshare teachers are icons, experts, and industry rock stars excited to share their experience, wisdom, and trusted tools with you.

We hope these sources have been useful to anyone wondering where to invest their time and mind!

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