Planet Venus Woman: Talissa Makdessi

Talissa Makdessi

Have you ever imagined yourself traveling and working from different countries while you do your passion?

If your answer is YES, then you are going to LOVE Talissa’s interview and vlog.

Discover what’s behind the life of a digital nomad working on travel lifestyle and wildlife photography and living in a van in New Zealand.

Planet Venus Women: Marie Mélinon

marie melinon

French and Planet Venus Member, Marie, has lived in Barcelona for the last 10 years. After working for 12 years in the localisation industry, she started her own business: clean cloth diapers for babies delivered at home or at daycare.

Planet Venus Women: Juul Oostenbrink

Originally from the Netherlands but now located in Barcelona, Juul, is one of our precious Planet Venus Member.

She always dreamed about having her own space and decorating it. After working in Marketing for some years, she started her own business, an Interior & Lifestyle Concept store called Pachulí.

Planet Venus Women: Inma Gil

Tell us about yourself… Who are you? My name is Inma Gil, and I am country woman. From a small town in Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands. I carry […]

Planet Venus Women: Ali Olivier

Tell us about yourself… Who are you? My name is Alessandra Olivier, but everyone calls me Ali. I was born and lived in London, England until I was 25 years […]

Planet Venus Women: Alicia Cordón

Tell us about yourself… Who are you? My name is Alicia Cordón, I come from the region La Rioja (where some excellent wines come from!), and I live in Barcelona, […]

Planet Venus Women: Brit Hermans

Tell us about yourself… Who are you? Hi! I am Brit Hermans, Dutch girl living in Barcelona. I moved four years ago with my partner for his work. Soon I […]

Planet Venus Women: Daniela De Amici

Who are you? I am a philosopher. That is and has been my main passion, what I studied during 5 years at University in Milan and what I apply to […]