Venus Filmmakers Update


Venus Filmmakers is a group in Planet Venus where you can meet and collaborate with international women from the filmmaking industry, attend monthly talks and interviews with women in the filmmaking industry, and network with other women in the Planet Venus network.

Looking for the magic of the small moments.

Julia Malinowska Photography

When Julia was 8 years old discovered her father’s negatives and found her real passion: photography.
Since then, her objective has been to find the beauty & magic of the small moments.

Planet Venus Ambassador in South of Spain: Daniela Derin

daniela in marbella

This Italian woman fell in love with Marbella 23 years ago and decided to settle in and create her dream business. She is a holiday rental manager, boutique travel agent, real estate broker and weddings & events planner. Find out more about her and the group she has created on our platform for businesswomen.

What is a Personal Brand and do we really need it?

julia malinowska

There is much fuss about the importance of having a powerful personal brand. Everyone is talking about being unique, showing your personality and finding your voice.
So what exactly is a Personal Brand and is it really so important for your business?

Planet Venus Ambassador: Julia Malinowska

julia malinowska self-portrait

Her home land is Poland, she is a Creative Storyteller, Rebellious Soul & Art Seeker.
As she says, she breathes art and she’s an expert in visual content. Helping brands to find their inner identity and uniqueness is just one of her abilities.

Discover more about our new ambassador!

Mujeres Planet Venus: Mariam Ben

A sus 25 años esta isleña de origen árabe ha fundado su propio marketplace de productos exclusivos de diseñadores emergentes y una filosofía de empresa muy marcada y respetuosa con el medio ambiente.

Mujeres Planet Venus: Eva G. Montiel

Eva G. Montiel

Enamorada de la vida, Eva G. Montiel se dedica al coaching con la intención de que las personas se atrevan a aceptarse como seres únicos y maravillosos, descubran su luz y vayan a por sus sueños sin tenerle miedo a brillar ni a compartir esa luz con el mundo.

Mujeres Planet Venus: Cristina Rojas


Imparable y enérgica, esta andaluza especializada en crear estrategias de venta para negocios B2B en LinkedIn lanza ahora un curso con Planet Venus.
Descubre más sobre su trayectoria y porqué eligió LinkedIn para emprender.

Planet Venus Woman: Talissa Makdessi

Talissa Makdessi

Have you ever imagined yourself traveling and working from different countries while you do your passion?

If your answer is YES, then you are going to LOVE Talissa’s interview and vlog.

Discover what’s behind the life of a digital nomad working on travel lifestyle and wildlife photography and living in a van in New Zealand.