Benefits of buying in small businesses

More and more people are concerned about where and how the clothes they buy or the products they eat are produced. While both of these indicators are very valuable for knowing if the brands we buy share our values, we can still go further.

Today we want to focus on the benefits of buying in small businesses, to rethink our consumption habits and the role we play in the generation and distribution of wealth.

The simple fact of consuming is in itself a tool for social change; we influence the progress of the economy and promote a more sustainable model based on our values and purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, studies reveal that small businesses are paradoxically the biggest generators of employment (shops, restaurants, small neighbourhood businesses…) and contribute to the vitality of the neighbourhood in which they are located. Let’s help this trend continue over time!

Another undisputed and attractive factor of the small business is the close and personalized treatment that raises the shopping experience to the next level. Small businesses are committed to quality products, to knowing the consumer and recommending the product that best suits their needs, because in the end, the seller wants us to come back.

In addition, small businesses struggle to compete on equal terms with large surfaces (like many entrepreneurs in other sectors), so it is not irrelevant to recognize the important economic and social work they do, showing them our support.

Online shopping is here to stay

And… what about online shopping? This sector is becoming more and more important, because the new times demand it more than ever. Even so, we should not stop wondering if in our purchasing decision we are once again benefiting the large stores or if on the contrary we can help the small business that has just started.

Planet Venus, an ally of small businesses

From Planet Venus we want to do our bit, giving visibility to the products and brands of our members on our community platform for women. Brands born from the effort and enthusiasm of their creators. We encourage you to enter the platform and discover them, you will love them!

And if you have a brand but have not yet made it known on Planet Venus, don not wait any longer, contact us and we will explain how it works.

How can Planet Venus help your small business?

You can introduce your brand on our community platform and sell directly through our webshop. To do that, you have to apply by filling up our form.

This will allow you:

  • Create connections and establish meaningful relationships with other members
  • You can introduce your brand and ask for opinions
  • You will be able to show off your business and (hopefully) sell

Join us and find the support and network you always needed and couldn’t find!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Article written by our collaborator: Valentina Llorens

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