My story arises from the need to be able to express my creativity and materialize it in my own project. When I was young, every summer I would set up a stall of handmade jewelery in front of Calella de Palafrugell’s beach. I started creating my first earrings made of polymer ceramic. This material has always caught my attention because of the ease in which you can create what you imagine and its perfect finish.

A long period went by where I only created things for myself until last March. As a result of the forced stop and staying at home for a long period, I decided to make Areté Jewelry a reality and carry out my new personal project. I trained and perfected the technique of working with polymeric ceramics and began to show my designs to friends, family and acquaintances. I am still combining my office work with my passion, Areté, planning the future to work full time on this newly born project.