Alejandra Chaverra, Planet Venus Ambassador for Lifestyle and hobbies in Barcelona.

Meet Alejandra Chaverra, new Planet Venus Ambassador

Alejandra Chaverra is a digital nomad born in Colombia who currently made Barcelona her headquarters or operations center, since despite being very urban and enjoying a cosmopolitan life, she is also a lover of the sea and the mountains.

In addition to organizing events to interact with local people in the places she visits and doing networking connecting people with each other seeing their common affinities and interests, she has an experience tourism agency in her native country and works as a Marketing Mentor to accompany projects in initial stages and with entrepreneurs who believe in enhancing their businesses through their own personal growth.

She will be in charge of connecting the Venusians based on their hobbies and lifestyle, generating actions and events that make us have fun, feel more united and enjoy together what we like, which is ultimately what is truly important in life.




  1. Tell us about yourself… What was your journey until now?

Well! I like to define myself like a mixture… I’m half black and half white, I’m too latin but also have an European soul, I’m a world citizen and I really like to live and work in different worlds 🙂 These are things that maybe can give you some lights about my journey until now: full of different experiences in the search of new emotions throughout the spirituality, the culture and the art mainly.  

  1. Why did you decide to live in Barcelona?

The main motivation was my family because they live here, but this motivation helps me to discover in Barcelona, a multidimensional city with all the things that you can dream… just in one place: Wonderful architecture, interesting shops, beaches, beautiful landscapes, culture, gastronomy, multilingual meetings and many more things… also is a city with a great combination between modernism and traditionalism.  

  1. When did you start working with experiences / lifestyle?

I’m marketing professional, but I take a coolhunting formation in Argentina in 2010 and then I incorporated the creation of experiences in all the aspects of my life in every city that was visited, but in 2016 I create a travel agency in Colombia based in cultural and local experiences and start to create customized services (tours and experiences) based in lifestyle.

  1. What service do you offer now to your clients?

Now, based on my experience with corporations and with the entrepreneurship ecosystem, I work as a mentor of people that want to boost their businesses or start with new projects but in a holistic way. For me the inner job and the personal development are so important to get the successful in any business…I offer ideas, points of view and the structure that they have to follow to make tasks, get objectives and keep continuing, even in the bad moments.

  1. You will make a gift to the Planet Venus Community and give away 20 mentoring sessions! How can our Venusianas gain one of these free sessions?

Yes!!! this is a gift in alliance with Planet Venus and I think is a great opportunity. To participate on this giveaway you need to follow these instructions:

1- Follow Planet Venus on Instagram and tag in my video post one friend who may be interested in gaining a mentoring session. The more comments you post, the more possibilities to win!

2- Be a member of Planet Venus Hub.

3- Follow me on Instagram.

  1. What do you do to get inspired?

I always enjoy the cities that I live “like a tourist”, walking a lot, observing the people in the street without judging… only see the beauty of the quotidian moments and mix things that apparently doesn’t match 😉 for example plants+art+music+kids = Sunday experiences for families!!!  

  1. Which important advice would you give to female entrepreneurs in the phase of moving to another country?

The best advice from my experience is try to create strong connections with more expat people and try to be part of networks and groups of locals sharing hobbies according to their lifestyle and the things that they enjoy, because you never know who could be your next business contact, your client or your new best friend!

  1. How do you feel when you see a community of women supporting each other like Planet Venus?

I always feel proud!!!!! hahaha but I think the exact word is empowered…It is easier to get more things if you have a group that supports you and understands your process for success. 

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